Published! Front Cover of Times of the Islands Wedding Edition

Nick Adams Photography scored the front cover of Times of the Islands Wedding Edition with a photo from a Casa Ybel wedding!  We are so proud to share this story directly from Nick’s Blog:

Times of the Island magazine cover-Nick Adams Photography
Wedding Magazine Cover

I was delighted to find out that I was chosen for the Times of The Islands Wedding magazine cover.

Picky and Sarah were the Bride and Groom. They got married at the beautiful Casa Ybel Resort located here on Sanibel Island.

When I asked Pikey how they met and she shared: “We both work in the car business, Pikey’s family owns a dealership and my family owns a car auction. He had been coming to the auction for many years. He says I always looked at him, but in reality it was always him looking over at me, and he is such a wuss one time a co-worker of his asked me for my number for Pikey. I gave it to him and he called me and the rest is history.” A great and unique story. I also asked Sarah to share her wedding plans and what she thought would make their event unique, this is what she said, “We love Sanibel Island, so we wanted to be on the grass but right beside the water. We wanted the island theme for our close family and friends, it was beautiful, classy, but most of all fun.”  she added: Steve played beautiful music, (referring to Steve Farst, a phenomenal local musician) the food was delicious. Everyone there was beautiful.

I could not have done it without Sarah and Pikey. A terrific couple. Sarah had put a lot of planning into this wedding (along with the amazing, Tori Weatherford, of Casa Ybel Resort) and it showed.  They chose to have their ceremony on the Lawn, followed by a tented reception located right next to the ceremony site.

Casa Ybel Resort is one of the few places on the Islands that can accommodate a tented venue at a beach wedding. If you can time it right, with the weather, there is no better way to have a reception. Fall and spring are typically the best times, the temperature is normally in the 70’s with low humidity. The lawn area at Casa Ybel is made up of Bermuda grass, which is normally reserved for golf courses here in Florida. Not a big deal you think? Well… it kinda is. It takes a lot more effort to look after than the usual St Augustine variety. Bermuda grass is so soft, it is really fine, it feels great on your feet. St Augustine looks very nice but it has huge blades and is more like a thick mat of grass, not as soft. And as they say: ‘it’s all in the details’

You can see in the picture below that Sarah and Pikey opted to have the sides of the tent rolled up which is a great idea as it lets the breeze flow through. This particular tent is really well designed (this one is owned by the resort). Should the wind pick up or the temperature suddenly drop the sides of the tent can be dropped to the ground in a matter of minutes.

I digress!

Here are a list of all of the contributors that made this wedding magazine cover possible:

Wedding Planner: Tory Weatherford, Casa Ybel Resort

Hair and Makeup: Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique at The Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

Florals: Floral Artistry

DJ/Musician: Steve Farst

Video: The Nick Adams Photography Team

Officiant: Eddie Mosely

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Aquamarine Tent Wedding, Sanibel Island { Brandon + Josh }


Here at Casa Ybel Resort, our motto is Bring Your Love. We could not have been more excited to have been selected as the place on Sanibel Island that Brandon & Josh would bring their love as they celebrated their marriage with family and friends.  This tented wedding reception on Casa Ybel’s Back Lawn was highlighted with the couple’s favorite colors, turquoise and aqua, perfectly accenting the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that the lawn over looks.

Venue: Casa Ybel Resort | 239-472-0693 |
Photography: Tonya Malay Photography | 239-498-1685 |
DJ & Lighting: Rig Entertainment | 239-770-1020|
Wedding Cake: Lady Cakes | 239-549-2253 |
Flowers: Floral Artistry | 239-472-3040 |

Florida Beach Destination Wedding, Sanibel Island { Claire + Kaylan }


Destination weddings are appealing to people who love the simple beautiful things in life.  Things like soft sand between your toes, gentle Gulf breezes and the sounds of the waves lapping the shore.  Claire and Kaylan celebrated their beautiful destination wedding in such a setting when they tied the knot on the beach at Casa Ybel Resort on Sanibel Island.

Venue: Casa Ybel Resort | 239-472-0693 |
Photography: Matt Steeves Photography | 239-246-1707 |
Flowers: Floral Artistry | 239-472-3040| www.floral
Wedding Cake: Lady Cakes | 239-549-2253 |
Hair & Make Up: Sanibel Day Spa | 239-395-2220 |

Romantic Island Wedding – Sanibel, FL { Chelsea + Brady }


Tropical islands are full of romantic notions.  Sanibel Island’s Casa Ybel Resort is the epitome of romantic locales which might explain it’s popularity for Florida destination weddings.  Chelsea and Brady didn’t have far to go when they crossed the state and left the hustle and bustle of Fort Lauderdale behind for a slower, more relaxed, more romantic pace on Sanibel Island.

Venue: Casa Ybel Resort | 239-472-0693 |
Photography: Trenholm Photo | 603-548-7233 |
Officiant: Rev. Dr. Jim Berger | 239-571-1769 |
Wedding Cake: Lady Cakes | 239-549-2253 |
Music & Lighting: Steve Farst | 239-645-0651 |
Hair & Make Up: Duality Artistry | 801-557-0054 |

Beachy Boho Wedding Video: Sanibel Island { Jamie + Nick }

We love this wedding so much (and this couple!).  Jamie & Nick’s tented beach wedding was published by The Celebration Society and we shared that story with you here.  But we have been holding on to this little gem of a wedding video.  You’re going to LOVE this boho-chic Sanibel Island beach wedding at Casa Ybel Resort.

Venue: Casa Ybel Resort | 239-472-0693 |
Videography: MVD Films | 239-273-2628 |
Decor: Elleson Events | 239-941-202-2343|
Wedding Cake: Lady Cakes | 239-549-2253 |
Officiant: Rev. Dr. Dan Lamey | 239-272-2947 |
Stationery & Paper Goods: DM Paper Designs | 239-938-1421 |

Enchanted Beach Wedding on Sanibel Island { Cari + Thomas }


Intimate beach weddings give couples like Cari & Thomas the freedom to embrace the things that are most important to them on their wedding day.  For Cari & Thomas, it would appear that those things are family and one another.  These images of their Sanibel Island wedding at Casa Ybel Resort are simply enchanting.

Venue: Casa Ybel Resort | 239-472-0693 |
Photography: Matt Steeves Photography | 239-246-1707 |
Florist: Floral Artistry | 239-472-3040|
Officiant:Dr. Dan Lamey | 239-272-2947 |
Wedding Cake: Lady Cakes | 239-549-2253 |


Seaside Sanibel Wedding { Britney + Aaron } Casa Ybel Resort

Written by and re-posted from the blog of Doodle Fly Photography:

It started like most beautiful love stories.  Boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. However, this couple is not ordinary.  Anyone that has ever met Britney & Aaron can see that they were made for each other.

Britney is bubbly and happy.  She has this overwhelming gift to help people.  She absolutely is a optimist and clearly is a positive soul.  Britney calls herself a “Brat”, but from where we stand, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Aaron is calm, cool and collected.  He is a blue collar guy with a witty smile and a matching heart of gold.

Together, they are the meaning of love and the epitome of happiness.
Together they are Soulmates.

Britney and Aaron  met about 4 years ago.  Their story shows how they are meant to be together. The universe has an amazing way of making that happen.

We asked them share their “story”.

Britney told us that about 4 years ago she was waitress at a restaurant  that Aaron frequented in Orlando Florida.

“He used to go up to [customers at] my tables and tell them I was his girlfriend.” she recalled.  “He even introduced me to his dad as his ‘future wife’.

It was as if Aaron knew at once that Britney was made for him.  When Britney left her job, there was a void in her life.  Suddenly she found herself missing Aaron.  There was clearly something special between them and she needed to find out why.

“He grew on me. Once I quit working there I found myself wanting to stay in touch. I called him one night to meet me and a friend back at that same bar for drinks after work and the rest was history! We became inseparable and have been ever since.”

People often speak of women’s intuition, however we often misjudge a mans ability to predict what his own future holds and the enormous courage it takes to make that happen.  Aaron knew that there was something special about Britney.  Although Aaron used  humor and  quite a bold move, he knew that he was meant for her.   Britney felt that connection when she no longer saw her ‘future husband’ and knew right away that she was missing something without Aaron. And so, they gave it their best shot.  They began their lives together, happy and simply fell in love.

As their relationship progressed, they knew that they would be married someday.  As the talks of marriage grew more frequent, they began discussing rings.

“One day we decided to go look at rings just to see what we both liked.” Britney explained. “Well, we found THE ONE! Aaron even went as far as to say ‘well… should we get it?’

While at Zales, in the middle of their discussion, the sales lady interrupted the excited couple.

“She told us that she was not letting us get engaged that way.” Britney explained.”She asked me to go do some shopping so that she could discuss some things with Aaron.”

Britney tried to contain her excitement.  She played along and left Aaron with the sales woman to discuss the beginning of their lives together.

“I was thinking ‘Okay, he is totally going to come out with that ring!’ No problem!” she recalled.

“Well out he comes.. no box, no bag, no obvious bump in his pocket.. and I was mad! I had gotten all amped up and was now bummed. So we go about our day, ran some errands, went home. And I was still bummed.”

The day progressed.  Aaron tried so hard to play it cool.  But instead of this amazing, happy day that he and the sales woman planned….he saw Britney was disappointed.  As anyone that has spent 5 minutes with this couple knows, This was sheer torture for Aaron.  Aaron only wants to see her smile!

“I start making dinner and Aaron keeps calling for me. I tried to ignore him, again I’m a brat, but finally went to see what he wanted. He was in our room down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He said he wanted to make it special but couldn’t wait especially knowing I was upset. I kissed him but didn’t answer. He said “you better say yes!” my response? “No you tricked me!” Then I came around and said YES:)

We met Britney and Aaron over a year ago.  They were right in the middle of planning their wedding and we had emailed back and fourth over the course of a week or two.  They met us for coffee in Starbucks downtown Fort Myers (River District).  We knew instantly that this was one of those couples that are as rare of a find as the love they share.  I took notice when Britney courteously offer to get us (the  Wedding Photographers) coffee and make sure the sun was not in our eyes while we chose a seat. These were the minor acts of kindness shown by a thoughtful caring person that puts others before herself.  We watched Britney explode with happiness as they told us how they met.  I studied Britney’s face as Aaron held her hand and brushed her hair off her shoulder as she talked about their story. Their eyes kept connecting during our wedding consultation as if the world would stop spinning if they were to  look away from eachother. Aaron could not contain his smile as Britney talked about their beautiful wedding they were planning at Casa Ybel in Sanibel Florida.    He had this quiet content appearance showing that he will stop at nothing to make sure Britney is happy now and forever, no matter what and Britney held his arm as if she would never let him go.


Soon after, we had our Engagement Session at Lighthouse section of Sanibel Beach.  It was a very windy day but the couple wanted to go on.  Posing Britney and Aaron was not hard at all but some of our favorite images are when they were being completely natural.  Britney has this full infectious laugh as big as her smile.  Aaron was a great sport and let us go thru a million photos.  Although some of the photos were posed, their connection was very real.  You can not fake that kind of happiness.

On their wedding day, Britney was her usual bubbly self.  Aaron seemed impatient as we took his groom portraits.  It was as if he actually felt pain with the anticipation and needed to see Britney at once.

We planned a First Look prior to the ceremony.  We tortured  him for a few minutes while we set up the shots.  He could not wait to turn and see his Bride, his Life, his Britney!

“The thing that probably will always stand out the most was when Aaron first saw me. He is a total guys guy and had been swearing he wouldn’t cry. I had been hoping for just a single tear down the cheek. But turn out I got full water works! It just made me feel so beautiful and cherished.”

You can’t fake that moment.  All the anticipation, the waiting, the distance of the day erupted when he turned and saw her. Aaron instantly closed his eye as if he couldn’t believe this moment.  As if Britney was all he ever imagined and is now standing before him, ready to say Yes all over again.

We rushed on to the ceremony.  Britney planned their wedding, their way.  She wanted to have Aaron on the opposite side of the alter and wanted to reverse the side of the aisle she was to walk down.

“I was very adamant about wanting to stand on one side of the aisle. I have a weird thing about liking one side of my face better than the other. Everyone knew it and were bound to make it happen. Everyone accept the officiant.. Apparently the side I wanted was not traditional and she was badgering Aaron about it before the ceremony telling him I was wrong. The rift ended with “Ma’am with all due respect that is the side my wife wants to be on and I am going to do it that way. If you have an issue with it you are going to have to talk to her.” She never mentioned it to me and I was on my side!”

After the ceremony, we went on for Portrait time.  Although the beach was beautiful and weather was perfect, Portraits during full sun, on a beach, in the afternoon are not Ideal.  The couple knew this ahead of time and planned a separate Sunset Portrait Session with us later that day which would end up to be amazing Bride & Groom portraits.

The rest of the reception was perfect.  Food at Casa Ybel was wonderful!  The cake by Lady Cakes was so cute and delicious!
The Wedding D.J., Mann & Mann Sound Pro did a great job keeping the party going.




We asked Britney & Aaron if there was anything else they would like us to mention in this wedding blog post about their love story.  Britney’s Response will show once again, how thoughtful and caring she is.

“To anyone considering using Doodle Fly for your special occasion: sign the contract now! The entire Doodle Team has really felt like a part of our family for the passed year. They truly care about you and your special time and you feel that every time you speak to them. In addition to the care, you will receive beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime. Thank you Doodle Fly for all that you do! ~ The New, Mrs. Davis”

Photographing their love this year has been an absolute honor.  We were able to not only witness their love, but document it for the world to see.  That is Powerful.  That is Precious.  That is Priceless.  That is why we do, what we do.  And couples like Britney and Aaron make it worth it every single day.


Creative Team:

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  • Wedding Coordinator: courtesy of Casa Ybel  Tori Weatherford
  • Wedding Cake: :Lady Cakes Bakery  • 2924 Del Prado Blvd S Unit 7 Cape Coral, FL  • Phone:  239-549-CAKE(2253) • Lady Cake Website
  • D.J.: Mann & Mann Sound Productions •  524 N. 16th St, Muskogee OK  • Email:
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